Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate Sheets



Due to the Covid 19 pandemic our online ordering system has been inundated with orders for plastic sheeting. In addition the general enquiries for pricing and availability of products via emails and phone is unprecedented.

Whilst we are working as hard as possible to process your orders the current lead time for collections is 5-7 working days from date of order and 10-14 working days for delivery.

If you require pricing for multiwall roofs these enquiries take the longest to process and given the volume of emails it is not possible to get back to all of them and we apologise for this.

All our sheet sizes, thicknesses and accessories for the roofs and standard Acrylic and polycarbonate sheets are available and can be paid for online at www.365plastics.ie & www.polycarbonatesheets.ie. This is the quickest and easiest way to order.

We will call you when your order is ready for collection and ring you the day prior to delivery to confirm you are available to receive the material. If the material you order is not in stock we will call you to let you know and where possible offer an alternative material or full refund.

These are extraordinary times and we thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult period.Collection times are between 10am and 3pm Mon-Fri only.



Polycarbonate Sheets Ireland

Polycarbonate solid sheet is a clear, transparent glazing material which provides 200 times more impact resistance than glass at only half the weight. Polycarbonate solid sheet can be used in a variety of applications which require its high performance features. 

Typical applications of polycarbonate sheet include general glazing, roofing, safety glazing, protective screening, visors and fabrication for interior and exterior uses.

Availability : Polycarbonate Solid Sheets are available in both Standard Grade & UV Grade.

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet - Standard Grade:  2mm Thickness, 3mm Thickness  4mm Thickness, 5mm Thickness , 6mm Thickness 

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet - UV Grade:  3mm Thickness, 4mm Thickness , 6mm Thickness 

Free Cut To Size Service - Just enter your dimensions required.


Overview of Polycarbonate Sheets

Durability and design freedom are two of the key features which designers seek when selecting modern materials. Marlon flat sheet offers both features plus many more benefits over traditional glazing and fabrication alternatives.

Marlon FS is clearly transparent, maximising light transmission when required and through tints can also offer solar control.The strength of polycarbonate sheets are now legendary, with unbeatable impact resistance, yet it remains flexible enough to be cold curved on site for curved applications. For use in the world's toughest climatic conditions we have developed Marlon FSX Longlife featuring co-extruded UV protection on both sides of the sheet, which enhances its weather resistance and performance.

Marlon FS Hard combines high levels of abrasion and chemical resistance with the quality, optical clarity and outstanding impact resistance of Marlon FS. Together these features represent an unequalled combination of properties in a material manufactured to the highest international quality standards


How To Order Polycarbonate Sheets:

  • Keep all measurements in the same units. Ideally, metric -millimetres (mm)/centimetres (cm) or indeed imperial, feet &amp inches
  • Mention the application to which the polycarboinate sheet will be used.
  • Ask about the properties characteristics between different grades of polycarbonate sheets i.e UV polycarbonate sheet Vs standard polycarbonate sheet.
  • Ask about warranty/fire certification/impact strengths.
  • Ask for referrals, previous jobs using the same materials.
  • Enquire about cut to size and delivery time.
  • Ask for technical support,literature and samples.
  • Select your polycarbonate sheet size required.
  • Add in your polycarbonate sheet cut to size dimensions ( if required).


 Polycarbonate sheets


We provide a free cut to size service on all our polycarbonate sheet. We also provide a fast nationwide delivery service and with over 25 years experience our expert sales team is ready to help you to choose a polycarbonate sheet for your next project.


Main Advantages Of Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Polycarbonate sheet can withstand significant wind and snow loads, does not tear like plastic film, which makes them the best material for greenhouses. Polycarbonate sheet is resistant to shock and hail and also are safe for glazing.
  • Emergency light, low specific gravity (Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet weighs 16 times less than glass and is 6 times less than the acrylic of the same thickness, which significantly reduces the cost of supporting structures).
  • High impact strength (polycarbonate sheet, as a viscous polymer is 200 times stronger than glass and 8 times stronger than acrylic plastic).
  • High temperature resistance (the properties of polycarbonate sheets have little dependence on changes in the environment, and the critical temperature at which the material becomes brittle, are outside the normal zone of operation in Ireland).
  • High insulating properties, low thermal conductivity (heat transfer coefficient 3.4 W / sq and the resistance of the transmission of heat is higher than that of conventional single-layered glass, which reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling by about 50%).
  • Excellent sound insulation - sound absorption of polycarbonate sheet is significant compared with single-layer materials and quenches the sound waves, making it great for applications like motorway barriers.


Polycarbonate Sheet Factsheet


General Uses Of Polycarbonate Sheet

  • 6mm Polycarbonate Sheet – a material widely used for canopies, greenhouses,sheds and stained glass.
  • 10mm Polycarbonate Sheet – a material widely used for walls, roofs, greenhouses.
  • 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet – For a solid glaze vertical surfaces such as rooflights and noise barriers for motorways.
  • 25mm Polycarbonate Sheet – a roof over long spans such as large buildings and used for large loads.

Polycarbonate Sheets in Ireland

We supply polycarbonate sheet throughout the island of Ireland. We are the leading stockist of all the major brands of plastic sheets, including plexiglas and Brett Martin polycarbonate sheets. We only stock the highest quality plastic sheets and we ensure that you get the highest quality products at fantastic value. Our sheets will ensure taht your structure is solid for years to come and are both durable and reliable. Browse through our store or give any of our sales team a call on 01 801 0022 , if you have any queries or need any assistance when purchasing your polycarbonate sheet.

If you require further technical specifications and warranty information about our polycarbonate sheet range, please visit the access plastics polycarbonate sheets data library.
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