Acrylic Sheets Perspex Sheets

Acrylic Sheets Perspex Sheets


Acrylic Sheets Perspex Sheets



Acrylic Sheets | Perspex Sheets | PLEXIGLAS ® | Perspex Glazing


When looking for perspex sheets, simply ask for “acrylic” which is the generic material name. We keep a wide range of acrylic stocked in many thickness’s and sheet sizes. We provide a Free Cut to Size Service on alll Acrylic Sheets / Perspex Sheets.



acrylic sheets perspex sheets


Features Of Acrylic Sheets / Perspex Sheets

  • 8 to 10 times higher resistance to impact than glass
  • High resistance to external agents and UV rays (10 year warranty)
  • Higher light transmission than glass (transparent type)
  • Yellow index and haze very low even with higher thicknesses (several inches).
  • Easy to work with (thermoforming, bending, gluing, milling) higher than the extruded acrylic sheets.
  • Cool bending (radius times 270/330 time than the thickness)
  • Perspex Sheets are available in a wide range of colours
  • Resistance to chemical attack by saturated hydrocarbons,dilute acids and alkalis, mineral oils and fats of natural and vegetal origins


Typical Applications Of Acrylic Sheets / Perspex Sheets

  • Banners, Displays, Furnishing
  • Vertical Glazing, Machine Guards, Shopfitting
  • Curved Rooflights, Protection of machinery, Noise barriers
  • Conveyed Walkway, Windshields


Benefits Of Perspex Sheets / Acrylic Sheeting

  • It is safer than glass, as it does not shatter
  • It is stronger and lighter than glass of the same thickness, so easier to work with
  • It is suitable for etching and laser cutting, giving you more options
  • It is more scratch resistant than polycarbonate


For further information and range , please select from our large range of Cast Acrylic Products.  You can search for products by category, colour, finish and thickness.


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