Multiwall Polycarbonate Applications

multiwall polycarbonate applications

Multiwall polycarbonate is best known for its very high impact resistance, fine optical clarity and excellent fire performance.These unique qualities of multiwall polycarbonate, along with the extended UV protection and insulating multiwalled structure of Marlon ST Longlife, combine to provide the ideal glazing option for a range of domestic, leisure and industrial applications.

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Multiwall Polycarbonate Fitting instructions

Fitting instructions For Multiwall polycarbonate

When coming to estimate costs for your roofing project, in the initial stages to get a rough estimate, it is sufficient to have approximate sizes. However, when the timber structure is in place, be that for your conservatory, your carport or a lean-to, it is necessary to be particularly accurate with measurements. For that reason, the old adage of measure twice and cut once is very important.

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