Multiwall Polycarbonate Applications

multiwall polycarbonate applications

Check out the video below, which explains the main characteristics and applications for our multiwall polycarbonate sheet range

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet is Available in The Following Sheet Thickness : 6mm,  10mm , 16mm,  25mm and 35mm . 

Clear , Opal White, Bronze Tint


Standard Sheet Sizes are 6m & 7m Long – (approx. 20ft and 23ft long) x the standard width of 2.1m ( 6ft 10inches) .

All plastic sheets supplied by access plastics and 365 can be cut to size, free of charge. Better thickness of multiwall polycarbonate sheets offer better U value for insulation across the sheets.

Uses of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets:

  • • 6mm multiwall polycarbonate widely used for Greenhouse applications
  • • 10mm multiwall polycarbonate can be used for carport applications
  • • 16mm multiwall polycarbonate can be used for domestic, DIY and conservatory applications.
  • • 25mm multiwall polycarbonate and 35mm multiwall polycarbonate sheets are typically used for more commercial type applications
  • • All Marlon ST structured polycarbonate sheets have a UV coating to protect the sheet against dis-colouration or yellowing. This is covered by a manufacturers 10 year warranty.


Our polycarbonate sheets are ideally structured for the DIY enthusiast. It’s lightweight , strength and fire rating make it the ideal roofing product. We supply the sheet cut to your specific sizes. We also blow it out, tape it and deliver it to your door. Buy multiwall polycarbonate sheets online here.