Plastic Sheets Accessories

Plastic Sheets Accessories

Plastic Sheets Accessories
  1. Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape KIT

    Regular Price: €33.50

    Special Price €29.50

    Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape KIT: 20mm wide x 15mtr long x 1.5mm Thick approx.

    Kit includes a roll of 'A Side' and a roll of 'B Side' plastic sheet application tape.

    Available in either White Magnetic or Brown Magnetic (Steel tape is always White)

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  2. Acrylic Mirror Adhesive (White)

    Regular Price: €11.00

    Special Price €9.35

    Acrylic Mirror Adhesive 310ml Tube (White) Mirror Adhesive can be used as a sealant and adhesive when mounting mirrors. Be sure you have a sealant gun too. If using it as an adhesive a tube will cover about 1 square meter of material.

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  3. Snap Fix Locators

    €22.50 excl. VAT

    Snap fix locators are used for the purpose of fixing / mounting plastic panels and routered signage letters to buildings, shop fronts etc. The injected clear acrylic stud (male) is affixed / solvent glued to the panel / letter to mounted. The injected polypropylene locator (female) is screwed to the building / wall front, and are then "snap fixed" together. Male & Female snap fix locators can be sold separately, however, minimum order quantity is 1 bag lot @ 250# / bag.

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